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Merry Little Christmas Stocking

Happy Christmas all! As its close to getting ready for the big day, I thought I'd add a little tutorial on how to make a Christmas stocking. You will need to enlarge and print out the stocking shape at the bottom to use as a pattern.

To make this lined Christmas stocking you will need 2 fat quarters and some ribbon.

1. Fold the stocking fat quarter in half lengthwise with right sides on the outside. Pin the stocking pattern to the folded fat quarter. Cut out around the pattern so you have two stocking shapes facing opposite directions. Make sure your toe faces both directions for each fabric.

2. Do the same with the lining fat quarter.

3. Lay one stocking on top of one lining piece, with right sides together and pin the top together. Sew the top of the stockings using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seams open. Repeat with the other two stocking shapes.

4. Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half with right sides on the outside to form a small loop. Position the loop approximately 2 to 3″ from the top on one of the linings on the heel side with the raw edges matching the liner’s raw edges. Pin or sew the loop in place to stop it moving when you sew the 2 selections of stocking together.

5. With right sides together lay the 2 stocking pieces together and pin. Sew around the stocking shape using a 1/4″ seam allowance being careful to catch the ribbon loop. Leave a 4″ opening on the lining side lower down from the ribbon.

6. Clip notches on the toe curve to stop any bulk but be careful not to cut the seam.

7. Turn the stocking right side out through the 4″ opening in the lining. Sew the 4″ opening closed by hand or using matching thread. Push the lining into the stocking; smooth out.

8. Fold the top over, with the hanging loop sticking out of the top and iron in place. Hang up ready for Santa!

These lovely stockings have been sewn by Katie check out her blog here

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